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At WireBarn we sell only the finest USA made Multi-Stranded Copper Wire, Automotive Primary Wire, AWM / Machine Tool Wire, Hookup Wire, plus great wiring tools and accessories. We carry High Temperature GXL Wire, TXL Wire, and UL 1015 AWM / MTW / Machine Tool Wire.

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30 Amp Automotive Relay with 6" Socket & Pigtail (Plastic Tab)

Part Number PL-REL-6IN-PIG-154
30 Amp Automotive Relay with 6" Socket & Pigtail (Plastic Tab)
30 Amp Automotive Relay with 6' Socket & Pigtail (Plastic Tab)
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30 Amp SPDT Relay with Socket and 6" Pigtail. 14 AWG Wire for power/load leads; 18AWG for Trigger Circuit leads.
Comes with 6" Socket Pigtail!
SPDT = Single Pole Double Throw. This means that the relay can supply a device with either Power Input Wire A or Power Input Wire B - So, A+B or A+C.
This relay is the standard 5 terminal Automotive style relay that is used in all sorts of places (automotive, machinery, etc). This relay is 12VDC 30 Amp capacity.
Sockets have an interlocking groove/slide tab so that you can connect them in a line for easier/closer mounting. Makes it a snap to mount many in a row. Trigger circuit is 12V DC.   This is also called a "Bosch Style Relay", although this is NOT made by Bosch. 
***NOTE:  Not to be used in critical applications where a sticking/defective relay could cause bodily injury, harm, or property damage, etc.  
Feature 5 K
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