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Simple Wire Gauge (AWG) Calculators

Bidirectional Single-Gauge AWG Calculator

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  1. To determine the effective AWG gage of multiple small wires a particular gage. For example, to see the effective gauge of a cable made from 10 20-gauge wires, select 20 gauge from the drop list, then type 10 into the number of wires field (and press the Tab key); the combination is equivalent to a single 10 AWG gage.
  2. Determining how many smaller wires are required to replace a single larger wire. For example, if you want to create a 12-gauge wire from 20 gauge wires, first select 20 gauge from the Wire Gauge list, then select 12 gauge from the Effective Gauge list; the required number of wires is 6.

Multi-Gauge AWG Calculator

Number of Wires Wire Gauge

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This calculator determines the effective AWG gage of a combination of wires of differing AWG gages. Select the desired AWG gages and enter the number of wires of each gage. (Press the Tab key after entering a wire count.)

A) This calculator approximates the combined AWG value for multiple wires carrying current. This wire AWG calculator is something we did not design ourselves, yet we believe it to be a good and relatively accurate resource. This should be used as a guide and not relied on for finalized designs. That said, you agree to use at YOUR OWN RISK. By using our wire calculator, you agree to hold us harmless and you understand that this calculator is merely a guide and help, but not an absolute authority, therefore we recommend you have a professional or an engineering company perform the calculations in your application. :
B) It is not advisable to run important/critical current wires using multiple wires, due to the possibility that one or more wires could become disconnected or degraded due to corrosion, etc and the remaining wire(s) would have to bear the load without the extra help of the now defunct adjacent wires. :

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