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Orders that are cancelled due to no fault of WireBarn.com will incur the actual credit card or PayPal fees that we incur.  In other words, you will pay the fees that we would otherwise get stuck with after your cancel your order.
Paypal charges 3.5% for US orders and 4.5% for International orders.   If your cancellation is due to a change in pricing or increase in shipping charges, we will not charge you.   If, however, you merely change your mind, you will be charged the processing fee and this will be deducted from your final refund.   If you cancel your order because you have paid with PayPal and are trying to ship to a different address than the PayPal address on file (the Paypal address listed in the payment details) you will be charged the fees as well.  We are not authorized to ship to anything except your registered PayPal address in the payment details that PayPal sends us. 
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