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T56 - TR6060 Reverse Lockout Control Module

Part Number T56-CON
T56 - TR6060 Reverse Lockout Control Module
T56 - TR6060 Reverse Lockout Control Module
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T56 / T56 Magnum / TR-6060 Reverse Lockout Control Module

The BorgWarner T56 / T56 Magnum / TR-6060 Six-Speed manual transmission utilizes a reverse lockout solenoid to eliminate inadvertent shifting (and grinding) into reverse gear while attempting to shift into 5th gear.  This lockout is needed because on the T56 / TR-6060, reverse and 5th gears are located very close to each other, creating a propensity for people to grind the transmission gears, potentially causing damage.    

Problem: When upgrading a vehicle to a T56 / TR-6060 6-Speed manual transmission from a T5, T45, TR-3650 or older 4 and 5 speed transmission, the functionality and control of the Reverse Lockout Solenoid is completely lost, since the older vehicle electronics was not designed to support this feature.  Annoying and potentially damaging “gear grind” is a very real and common complaint.

Solution:Fortunately, this functionality can be maintained by utilizing our aftermarket transmission reverse lockout solenoid control module.   This easy to install aftermarket module eliminates the need to press a special button or physically force the transmission into reverse gear and behaves like the factory original computer lockout control system.

The heart of this intelligent module is a small computer that continually monitors the vehicle speed.   At speeds above 5MPH the computer prevents the reverse solenoid from being energized, effectively locking out access to reverse gear at higher speeds.  At speeds below 5MPH, access to reverse is once again enabled. 

The T56 / TR-6060 Reverse Lockout Control Module from Samoco Industries Reverse Lockout is the professional choice for peace of mind and easy, trouble free driving.  

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