We hope you are here because we sell just the right quantity of wire at just the right price!

We ONLY sell top notch USA made wire in smaller quantities than our competitors and that we offer superior service.

I started this business to help people find the right wire for the job and to service the "little guy".  

Don't Get "Nailed":
I always find it frustrating when I am forced to buy large amounts of something that I know I will never use in order to complete a project. Nails are a good example. I have boxes of nails from Home Bleepo that I know I will never use, but I was forced to buy boxes of 500 or 1,000 nails since that was the smallest package size. If I were a carpenter or builder, I wouldn't mind having thousands of nails, but I'm nothing of the sort.     

At WireBarn.com, most of our customers are not interested in buying 1,000 feet, 500 feet or even 100 feet of every wire color.   Our typical customer wants about 25 feet of each wire color.  
Don't "Roll" With It:
Several years ago I found myself in this exact predicament and rather than buy a 100 foot roll of each color, I bought a single roll of wire to make a harness; the harness had 6 wires that were all the same color, making it difficult to keep everything straight and to this day, I pity anyone that has to take that route.

At WireBarn.com we make it easy to get small quantities of wire at a great price. We sell wire by the foot all the way down to 10 foot sections.  I haven't found anyone else selling 10 footers!  
Oh The Dough You'll Save:
Take your spouse or significant other out to dinner with the money you saved on not having to buy huge rolls of wire!   They will love WireBarn.com even more and than you do.   Or just use it to buy more wire from us later!  =) 
Happy Wiring! 

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