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At WireBarn we sell only the finest USA made Multi-Stranded Copper Wire, Automotive Primary Wire, AWM / Machine Tool Wire, Hookup Wire, plus great wiring tools and accessories. We carry High Temperature GXL Wire, TXL Wire, and UL 1015 AWM / MTW / Machine Tool Wire.

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12-10 GA #10 Vinyl Insulated Fork Terminal - 100 Pack

Part Number F1210-10V-100
12-10 GA #10 Vinyl Insulated Fork Terminal - 100 Pack
12-10 GA #10 Vinyl Insulated Fork Terminal - 100 Pack
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Vinyl Insulated Fork Terminals - MADE IN USA!!! 
These are used primarily when attaching one or more wires to a screw, bolt, or stud. Fork Terminals allow for quick fastening under a nut, screw, or bolt without having to remove the fastener completely, thereby speeding installation.  They are frequently used in Automotive, Marine, RV, and Offroad applications, as well as in Machinery.   Our Fork Terminals are economical and versatile to meet a wide range of applications.  The # number refers to the size of stud/bolt that are made to fit.
Wire Size:  12 AWG to 10 AWG
Stud Size: #10
Insulation: Vinyl Insulation
Quantity:  Bag of 100 Pcs
Color: Yellow
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